4th World Congress of Ian Donald School
for Ultrasound,Human Reproduction & Perinatal Medicine
22nd - 23rd September 2017


Dear Delegates,

We live in a troubled world in which national, cultural, religious, and political differences separate people, sometimes to the point of disastrous wars. With all that mankind has achieved, it is amazing that such parochial differences continue to do so much harm. There is much that the leaders of the world can learn from the global success of the Ian Donald Inter-University School of Ultrasound.

This School is a living tribute to Ian Donald, the visionary physician who pioneered ultrasound in obstetrics and gynecology. The School is dedicated to the improvement of all aspects of perinatal and gynecologic care. The discovery of ultrasound has enabled us to see and care for the fetus as a patient as well as visualize pelvic organs noninvasively and has therefore brought obstetric and gynecologic diagnosis out of the dark ages. It has been suggested with very little exaggeration that the three greatest contributions to modern obstetrics and gynecology have been ultrasound, ultrasound, and ultrasound.

Our School is based upon state-of-the-art science as well as a collegiality that transcends national, cultural, religious, and political differences. Teachers and students alike are united in our efforts to improve the care of women throughout the world. The international brotherhood and sisterhood that exists among physician leaders from over 112 national branches established all over the world, is a special bond that represents globalization at its best.

In this 2016 alone we have had an impressive 11,054 participants enrolled for our courses worldwide. To the best of my knowledge, this is the largest number of participants enrolled in any existing educational system in the world.

In line with our tradition of organising successful Global Congress, this year our very active Indian colleagues are hosting the World Congress in the beautiful & truly global city of Dubai. We have invited the best of world leaders in the field of Ultrasound, Perinatal Medicine and Human Reproduction as part of this global academic feast, I warmly invite you to be part of this mega event. I am sure you will find this congress to be stimulating & pleasurable.

Wishing you a warm welcome & hoping to see you in Dubai.

Asim Kurjak

Founder and Director